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Links Revised On October 2015
URL Date Added Contributor Comments
http://www.aacentralohio.org/2007-09-28Jim R.Central Ohio Group Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous with links to Columbus Area and Southern Ohio.
http://www.aakyd5.org2011-03-17Cindy T.Area 26 District 5 - Central Kentucky including the Lebanon, Campbellsville, Bardstownm Columbia, and Hodgensville areas
http://www.aawv.org/2011-03-17Jim R.Area 73 - West Virginia
http://www.akronaa.org/2011-03-17Jim R.Akron Ohio Intergroup - The Birthplace of AA
http://www.area55aa.org/2011-03-17Jim R.Area 55 - Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan
http://www.fellowshipbythelake.org/2007-09-28Jim R.Annual meeting in September at Greenbow Lake State Park (Greenup, KY).
http://www.ppgaadallas.org/2007-09-28Jason R.Dalas TX group with Big Book study guide and more.
https://www.drugrehab.com//205-10-13A. HiltyResources on alcohol, drug dependence, treatment options.

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